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As the unrivaled leader in specialized treadmill manufacturing, Woodway’s commitment to innovation and excellence echoes across the globe, with facilities in the United States, Germany, and Japan. Seeking to narrate the compelling story of their brand in a visually captivating manner, Woodway partnered with Starkmedia to usher in a new era of online presence.

The cornerstone of this digital transformation lies in the seamlessly crafted website, a testament to Woodway’s commitment to flexibility and functionality. Powered by the WordPress CMS platform, the site not only captivates visually but also empowers Woodway with the autonomy to refresh and adapt their content at will. A meticulously designed information architecture ensures a streamlined user experience, while the integration of WooCommerce and PayPal seamlessly introduces e-commerce functionality.

The website’s feature-rich landscape includes a dynamic video hero slider on the homepage, enticing visitors into the Woodway narrative. Constant Contact facilitates effortless email signups, establishing a direct line of communication. An RSS news feed keeps the audience informed, while product landing pages come to life with embedded videos. The mega menu enhances accessibility, ensuring information is at the audience’s fingertips.

In a strategic embrace of user-generated content, Starkmedia integrated Instagram using InstaShop, creating a dynamic synergy that resonates with Woodway’s community. This collaboration transcends a website redesign; it’s a digital masterpiece that mirrors Woodway’s commitment to excellence. Join us on this journey of innovation, where technology and storytelling converge to redefine the narrative of a global leader in specialized fitness solutions.

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