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HammerHead, a prominent trenchless equipment manufacturer and division of Charles Machine Works, continues its journey of digital evolution with Starkmedia. Having previously collaborated on enhancing their ecommerce portal, HammerHead entrusted us with the task of designing and developing a new brand site that not only showcases their complete product catalog but also communicates their expansive service offerings to the underground construction industry.

Our strategic move to re-platform on the Drupal content management system was pivotal in achieving a multifaceted transformation. This shift not only streamlined the authoring experience for HammerHead’s intricate product range but also revolutionized their marketing approach. The updated responsive design stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering an intuitive user experience across all devices, ensuring that valuable product information reaches their audience seamlessly. This responsive design not only enhances user engagement but also significantly boosts the site’s performance in natural search, elevating HammerHead’s online visibility.

In addition to the aesthetic and functional improvements, our team customized the Drupal platform with an enhanced administration theme. This not only ensures a visually cohesive backend experience but also empowers HammerHead’s team with efficient content management capabilities. Furthermore, our programmers implemented a dynamic feature, enabling the platform to consume a live feed of dealer information. This real-time integration serves as a customer-centric solution, efficiently directing inquiries and strengthening the bridge between HammerHead and its clientele.

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