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Website Replatform & Development

American Gypsum’s collaboration with Starkmedia for its website redesign marked a strategic move towards not just modernizing the site but fortifying its digital foundation. With a vision to enhance both aesthetics and security, the primary objective was to migrate to the cutting-edge Drupal 9 platform.

The transition to Drupal 9 empowered Starkmedia to craft an immersive authoring and front-end user experience. What sets this redesign apart is its unwavering commitment to a mobile-first approach, ensuring seamless navigation and engagement across various devices. Starkmedia’s expertise didn’t just stop at aesthetics – scalability and maintenance were integral considerations throughout the process, ensuring that the website evolves effortlessly with the ever-changing digital landscape.

Beyond the visible facelift, this rebuild prioritized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. Starkmedia meticulously embedded these practices into the core of the website, optimizing page templates for enhanced visibility on Google. The result? A responsive design that not only pleases users but also aligns perfectly with search indexing algorithms, boosting the website’s discoverability.

Furthermore, the implementation of automated page meta content patterns stands out as a testament to Starkmedia’s foresight. This ensures that as the website evolves with fresh content, SEO best practices seamlessly integrate, maintaining a competitive edge in the digital realm. The American Gypsum website isn’t just a digital presence; it’s a dynamic, evolving entity that Starkmedia has strategically positioned for sustained success.

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