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Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21, has been a steadfast organization since its establishment in 1998, tirelessly championing the interests of the downtown Milwaukee business community. Committed to fostering a vibrant and thriving city center, Milwaukee Downtown utilizes BID #21 assessments to fund targeted initiatives, ensuring a downtown that is not just clean and safe but also exudes a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Representing approximately 500 commercial property owners across 150 blocks, the organization plays a pivotal role in shaping the urban landscape.

Recognizing the importance of a dynamic digital presence, Milwaukee Downtown BID partnered with Starkmedia for a comprehensive website overhaul. The objective was not merely a redesign but a strategic replatforming initiative that embraces a more contemporary and engaging aesthetic. Serving as the central hub for coordinating, monitoring, and disseminating information about the city’s activities, the website is a visually captivating depiction of all that makes Downtown Milwaukee an exceptional place to work, live, entertain, and do business.

The redesigned website is a testament to the dynamic energy of the downtown district. From a captivating video on the homepage to large, engaging images and interactive carousels showcasing special events, every element exudes an active vibe. Starkmedia’s approach goes beyond aesthetics; it captures the essence of the bustling downtown atmosphere, reflecting the vibrancy and energy that defines Milwaukee’s heart. The website becomes not just a platform for information but a virtual gateway into the pulsating life of Downtown Milwaukee.

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