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Pre-Product Release Focus
DeltaHawk man working on engine
DeltaHawk man working on engine
Website Design & Development

DeltaHawk Engines, a leading aircraft engine manufacturer rooted in Racine, Wisconsin, sought a collaborative partner for the strategic overhaul of their digital presence. Tasked with the mission to align their WordPress website with a fresh brand identity and compelling content, the challenge was to mirror the excitement surrounding their recently FAA certified engine transitioning into production and accepting reservation deposits.

In response to this challenge, our adept team not only delivered a visually stunning website highlighting the advanced features of DeltaHawk’s cutting-edge engine but also orchestrated a seamless integration with Salesforce and their Marketing Cloud Account Engagement platform. This integration transforms the user journey, fostering engagement and paving the way for meaningful interactions with potential customers.

Moreover, our solution extended beyond mere digital aesthetics. We implemented a secure and efficient reservation deposit system, leveraging the Stripe payment gateway. This not only ensures a smooth transactional experience for customers but also establishes a solid foundation for revenue generation as the engine gains traction in the market.

Recognizing the importance of scalability, our team undertook significant backend enhancements to the WordPress platform. This streamlining of content management processes positions DeltaHawk Engines for agility and adaptability as they navigate the dynamic landscape of their fast-growing business, reaching new markets and expanding applications. At Starkmedia, we don’t just build websites; we craft digital ecosystems that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age. DeltaHawk’s success is not just a milestone; it’s an ongoing journey, and we’re proud to be part of their success.

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