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Marshfield Furniture is a Wisconsin-based furniture manufacturer known for innovative designs and exceptional craftsmanship. Starkmedia has partnered with Marshfield to develop a brand new WordPress site that not only embodies Marshfield’s legacy but also elevates the digital experience for both consumers and dealers.

Our collaboration with Marshfield Furniture involved implementing a robust WooCommerce integration. This powerful product catalog extension enables comprehensive management of product information. Detailed descriptions, categorization, attribute sorting, and video displays help Marshfield showcase products in a visually appealing manner, enhancing customer engagement.

To enhance efficiency in interactions with dealers, our team designed a secure Dealer Portal. This tailored space allows dealers to access essential assets and order information specific to their business requirements, streamlining collaboration between Marshfield Furniture and its partners. We also developed a sophisticated “Find a Retailer” feature utilizing Google’s Places API. This locator offers visitors an interactive, map-based experience to easily locate nearby retailers. Additionally, Marshfield Furniture can manage its expanding network efficiently through a guided import system, ensuring that customers can find their products with ease.

Incorporating MailChimp, we established a seamless connection to a new account, enabling Marshfield Furniture to expand its audience base. Visitors can effortlessly sign up, allowing the company to communicate effectively with its customers. Furthermore, this integration facilitates automated marketing strategies through MailChimp’s journey-building, enhancing Marshfield’s outreach and engagement efforts.

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