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In response to Johnson Controls’ quest for an enhanced user experience, our team at Starkmedia undertook a comprehensive approach, orchestrating a strategic overhaul of the UX/UI and content organization for their crucial mobile application used during onsite meetings and events. Our commitment extended beyond aesthetics; it delved into creating an intuitive and engaging platform that caters specifically to the needs of tablet and mobile users.

Our strategic planning involved a meticulous reorganization of the application’s architecture, focusing on optimizing the user journey and ensuring seamless navigation. We crafted design layouts that not only adhere to Johnson Controls’ brand standards but also prioritize user-centricity, creating an immersive experience that aligns with the high expectations of their discerning audience.

The responsive templates produced by Starkmedia represent a marriage of form and function, catering to the diverse devices used by Johnson Controls’ visitors. This dynamic adaptability not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures a consistent and enjoyable experience across tablets and mobile devices, a critical aspect for the success of the application during onsite engagements.

Collaborating closely with third-party application developers, our team facilitated a seamless execution of our designs, maintaining direct contact and providing comprehensive documentation. This hands-on approach guaranteed that our meticulously crafted responsive templates were translated into a tangible reality that aligns with Johnson Controls’ exacting standards. At Starkmedia, we don’t just design solutions; we architect experiences that elevate your brand and empower your users. Partner with us, and let’s transform your digital landscape together.

Mobile App Design: Content Organization and UX/UI Tablet
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