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Briggs Racing Celebrates New Website Launch

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Briggs Racing Celebrates New Website Launch Milwaukee, WI – March 21, 2017 – Briggs Racing has launched their new website, designed and developed by Starkmedia. Briggs Racing, a division of Briggs & Stratton, has been providing engines to racing enthusiasts since 1991. Besides producing the power that drives many racers’ careers, Briggs Racing … Continue reading Briggs Racing Celebrates New Website Launch

At a Glance: Foursixty

In recent years, social media and ecommerce have become linked in ways that have redefined how brands market to customers. The spreading trend of creating stores in Instagram, Pinterest, and other social sharing sites has made shopping easier for consumers and marketing more diverse for brands. Despite the simplicity social shopping brings to the buying process, … Continue reading At a Glance: Foursixty

At a Glance: Salesforce

Nurturing customer relationships is a never-ending balancing act. On top of creating promotions and offers for your customers, you must also handle the task of collecting, interpreting, and communicating customer data effectively. Since your brand depends on the loyalty of your customers, you naturally do your best to keep up with all things customer-related. However, … Continue reading At a Glance: Salesforce

At a Glance: Pardot

When you engage in B2B marketing promotions or campaigns, what are you trying to accomplish? Ideally, you’d convert your leads to clients quickly and efficiently – yet this often isn’t how lead engagement goes. As a B2B marketer, you have to deal with problems that are unfortunately far too common. You either let too much … Continue reading At a Glance: Pardot