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The Perfect CMS

What do you look for in a content management system? Perhaps you’ve heard that the best CMSs help you produce content for your audience. Although it’s true that a good CMS will offer that capability, a great CMS will help your content authors and strategists build, structure, and publish winning content. Author-Focused Functionality Since your … Continue reading The Perfect CMS

At a Glance: SAP Hybris

Managing your ecommerce requires a strong PIM platform. This is especially true if you run a large business that conducts sales through multiple online channels. On top of managing your store and keeping your sales efforts consistently under control, you don’t have time for a platform that requires a lot of extra maintenance. Although there … Continue reading At a Glance: SAP Hybris

At a Glance: Marketo

Marketing automation platforms are some of the best tools available to businesses that want to do more to expand their marketing strategies. These platforms are extremely useful for running campaigns, nurturing leads, and conducting other marketing processes that would otherwise take time away from more urgent projects. Marketo is one of the best marketing automation … Continue reading At a Glance: Marketo

An Introduction to CRM

Do you want to close deals faster? Get instant information on potential sales deals, marketing campaigns, and account updates? Today, we’d like to discuss Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a key component in engagement marketing. Why CRM? CRMs are capable of improving a lot of different business functions. A CRM allows you to stay updated on … Continue reading An Introduction to CRM

At a Glance: ForeSee

Customer experience data is invaluable for measuring your business’s online performance. Any good business seeks to understand its customers in order to improve its online presence, sales, and customer relations – but gathering the right information can be a challenge. Today, we’d like to introduce you to ForeSee, one of the most effective customer experience … Continue reading At a Glance: ForeSee