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Should Remarketing Be Part of Your Online Strategy?

Unsuccessful conversion opportunities continue to plague many companies, partly because they don’t know how to combat them. After all, it’s easy to argue that there’s no way to regain a website visitor once they’ve lost interest. However, you can still reach visitors who failed to complete an action on your website. How? Through remarketing. What … Continue reading Should Remarketing Be Part of Your Online Strategy?

Reilly Joseph Company Launches New Website

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Reilly Joseph Co. Celebrates New Subsidized Housing Website Launch Milwaukee, WI – September 26, 2017 – Reilly Joseph Co. recently launched a new website that was designed and developed by Starkmedia. Reilly Joseph Co., a private apartment development firm, has been offering housing to various communities in Wisconsin since 1970. Reilly Joseph … Continue reading Reilly Joseph Company Launches New Website

SEO for Amazon

Right now, partnering with Amazon seems to be a smart move for many businesses. Amazon has seen additional market share the past few months, with acquisitions of companies like Whole Foods. However, this doesn’t mean that working with Amazon comes without its challenges. Like any search engine you use to advertise your products or services, … Continue reading SEO for Amazon

Selling on Amazon

Last week, we introduced Fulfillment by Amazon and discussed some of its beneficial features and how it integrates with Magento. This week, we’d like to go over Selling on Amazon, an Amazon feature that allows you to sell products to consumers through Amazon’s online marketplaces and do your own fulfillment. This service, which is also … Continue reading Selling on Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon

Over the next two weeks, we are going to discuss two different Amazon services that can impact your ecommerce results. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), an Amazon service that allows you to fulfill orders through their online marketplace. We will also look at how integrating FBA with Magento … Continue reading Fulfillment by Amazon

The Perfect CMS

What do you look for in a content management system? Perhaps you’ve heard that the best CMSs help you produce content for your audience. Although it’s true that a good CMS will offer that capability, a great CMS will help your content authors and strategists build, structure, and publish winning content. Author-Focused Functionality Since your … Continue reading The Perfect CMS