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Specializing in the artistry of indoor electric fireplaces, outdoor fire tables and bowls, and outdoor living solutions, Real Flame is an industry of innovation in the realm of functional and stylish home decor.

When Real Flame sought to reimagine its digital presence, Starkmedia stepped in as the creative force behind the website redesign. The overarching goal was clear: to seamlessly blend a clean and modern aesthetic with an enriched online shopping experience that resonates with Real Flame’s commitment to quality.

The website, now powered by Magento 2, is a testament to this collaborative vision. Starkmedia strategically employed white space, providing a canvas that not only enhances the visual appeal but also invites visitors into a digital realm that mirrors the elegance of Real Flame’s products. Large lifestyle images serve as immersive snapshots, allowing users to envision these remarkable pieces in their own homes.

Beyond aesthetics, the replatforming process equipped Real Flame with a robust and easily managed product catalog. The catalog goes beyond mere displays, offering related and suggested products strategically positioned to guide the visitor towards well-informed buying decisions. Starkmedia implemented a user-friendly faceted search, empowering visitors to navigate seamlessly through the array of products, ensuring they find the perfect fit for their unique needs.

At Starkmedia, our commitment goes beyond design; we craft digital experiences that reflect the essence of your brand. Join Real Flame on this journey of transformation, where technology and aesthetics converge to redefine the online shopping experience. Together, let’s ignite a new era of digital excellence.

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