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Marketo Marketing Automation

When EVERSANA, an independent provider of commercial services to the life science industry, sought a partner to elevate the design and content strategy of their campaign landing pages, Starkmedia emerged as a partner. With a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, our collaboration aimed at not just meeting but exceeding EVERSANA’s project goals.

Central to our strategy was the realization of a responsive design that goes beyond aesthetics. We embarked on enhancing the front-end user experience of campaign page templates, ensuring that every visitor encounters a seamless and engaging journey. Simultaneously, we delved into refining the back-end authoring experience, prioritizing efficiency and ease of use for EVERSANA’s content creators.

Our proficiency in navigating the complexities of the Marketo platform came to the forefront as we implemented and rigorously tested approved enhancements. This comprehensive approach not only ensured compliance but also set the stage for a future-ready framework that adapts to the evolving needs of EVERSANA’s campaigns.

To bring our collaborative vision to life, our team meticulously crafted layouts for revised landing page designs. We strategically utilized existing content while optimizing responsive display, marrying innovation with familiarity. The approved designs were seamlessly integrated into the Marketo platform, introducing a groundbreaking modular approach that enhances template flexibility and functionality. This strategic innovation empowers EVERSANA to effortlessly create a myriad of design layouts, streamlining the page creation process and positioning them at the forefront of campaign effectiveness in the dynamic life science industry. At Starkmedia, we don’t just meet expectations; we redefine them, ensuring our clients not only keep pace with industry standards but lead the way.


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