Reilly Joseph Company Launches New Website

Reilly Joseph Co. recently launched a new website that was designed and developed by Starkmedia. Reilly Joseph Co., a private apartment development firm, has been offering housing to various communities in Wisconsin since 1970.

Reilly Joseph Co. wanted to update it needed to be easy for staff members to update and provide intuitive navigation for visitors. The new site also needed to be responsive, since 60% of its traffic comes from mobile devices.

To begin this project, the Starkmedia team chose WordPress for the CMS in order to give Reilly Joseph Co. better updating and management capabilities and fit within their budget. They specifically made sure that site managers would be able to easily write descriptions for apartment listings, create promo banners, and update job openings. They also created a custom user guide and provided training sessions for Reilly Joseph Co. staff members who will be maintaining the site content.

Our team worked with Reilly Joseph Co. to make sure that this site would also be easy for visitors to navigate. Overall, every feature of the new site focuses on helping visitors access as many resources as possible. The site’s search feature was structured so that visitors can look for apartments by type, location, and property. More images were also included on the new site so that visitors can easily view each listing. The subsidized housing units listed are also designated as “open” or “closed” to help visitors find available housing as quickly as possible. Housing that is designated as “open” features a “Download Application” button on the same page as the listing.

About Starkmedia: Starkmedia is a full-service digital agency that first opened its doors over twenty years ago in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. We offer services ranging from web design and application development to marketing consultation. To learn more about Starkmedia, contact us today.

Congratulations to Reilly Joseph Co. on the launch of their new website. Visit the site today at