At a Glance: Sitecore Experience Platform

Enterprise-level content needs to do more than drive traffic to your website. It should be the bridge between your brand and your audience, which is why you need a powerful platform to manage it. There are many good CMS platforms available for managing content, but not all of them offer the functionality you need to build amazing customer experiences. The Sitecore Experience Platform, however, enables you to use your content to connect with and understand your audience.

Why choose Sitecore Experience Platform?

Sitecore is a .NET platform that functions as a content management and digital marketing system. Its framework can handle growth and mass content authoring easily, and can also integrate with other platforms to expand its capabilities. It allows you to build multiple websites, and offers language and translation tools to help you reach a global audience. However, Sitecore does more than help you manage your content: it helps you to engage your audience with content that is optimized for ecommerce and SEO. The Sitecore Experience Platform, also know as Sitecore XP, provides tools that allow you to analyze and track customer behavior, as well as optimize your content for audience engagement.

Starkmedia’s Sitecore Experience Platform Services

Our team has been using Sitecore to develop enterprise-level websites for years. Besides utilizing its content authoring and management features, we use Sitecore to build strong, responsive websites that are optimized for ecommerce, SEO, and customer engagement. We believe your online presence can do a lot to connect your audience with your brand – and we’ve seen clients accomplish this using Sitecore.

If you have general questions about Sitecore or would like to know how you can use it for your business, contact us. We look forward to connecting with you and helping you find the best way to move your brand forward.