Stop Missing Sales! Avoid Undelivered Submissions with Authentication

Web forms are one of the most important ways to generate leads, send order confirmations, or gather customer feedback. However, if you aren’t receiving this crucial information, things can quickly get out of hand.

If your form submissions have gone dry, email authentication could be the culprit!

The Problem

ESPs (email service providers) are tightening up their security measures. Before this past spring, it was common practice for web forms to be sent by non-authenticated email addresses. New rules from Gmail, Yahoo, and Microsoft 365 now mean these mistakes have significant consequences.

Without a properly authenticated email address, important form responses may never reach you, or your clients.

The Solution

Email Authentication: Email authentication is like a security checkpoint to allow your website to send forms using an email address with your domain. It verifies that you’re a legitimate sender, and ensures important responses from web forms reach potential customers! 

Luckily, Starkmedia’s experts can help.

How We Can Help

Starkmedia will work with your IT team to set up proper authentication. If you have any questions regarding your website’s form delivery, we’ve got your back.

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