Marketing Automation Spotlight: DeltaHawk Engines

Developing a high-performing digital marketing strategy is a challenge. Starkmedia added marketing automation to DeltaHawk Engines’ digital strategy, simplifying the repetitive parts and ensuring new leads are nurtured in the background.

With platforms like Salesforce Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), Starkmedia has automated recurring marketing tasks, freeing up valuable time for DeltaHawk’s sales and marketing teams.

Personalized Communication

Starkmedia collaborated with DeltaHawk to personalize their digital messaging with audience segmentation. We automatically segmented their audience based on a variety of different factors and actions. For example, we built a survey to help them determine which airframes prospective customers use. While the survey naturally segmented DeltaHawk’s audience, it could also make informed decisions on which planes to build engine packages for. 

A personalized marketing automation strategy also allows DeltaHawk to nurture each lead according to their specific needs. For example, we set up a segment for higher-level OEM customers, requiring longer-term lead nurturing. Focusing on the unique needs of your audience segments is key!

Paid search campaigns are another great use case for automation, capturing prospects and entering them into a journey that can adapt to their interests and actions such as visiting a page or product on the website. DeltaHawk Engines then sends leads a sequence of emails and communications to keep them engaged. With the power of Salesforce Account Engagement, DeltaHawk easily delivers targeted messages to the right audiences, at the right times.

Campaign Spotlight: EAA AirVenture

EAA AirVenture is one of the largest aviation industry events in the world. To prepare for last year’s convention, DeltaHawk engines enlisted Starkmedia to create a paid search and marketing automation campaign to help them stand out and generate new leads.

Our team of marketing experts:

  • Created a cost-effective Google Ads campaign, focusing our audience and budget around the regional area of EAA AirVenture
  • Built campaign landing pages in Salesforce to capture form leads at the convention
  • Captured highly segmented prospects with Salesforce, resulting in direct conversions

With Starkmedia, DeltaHawk personalized its customer experience, streamlined internal and external processes, and delivered measurable results. Whether you’re on Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, MailChimp, or another platform, our team of specialists has the expertise to help you get started with automating your outbound marketing efforts.

Starkmedia can take you through a personalized marketing automation plan of your own, step-by-step. Contact us to set up a call.