4 Tips for an Effective Landing Page

At Starkmedia, we’ve seen firsthand the success landing pages can bring to companies from a variety of industries. But a landing page is only as successful as the message it conveys and the people that visit it. Businesses often see inadequate results from landing pages because they simply do not know what an effective landing page looks like. In fact, the typical landing page loses more than half of its visitors immediately. How do you keep visitors on your page and generate more conversions? Let us guide you on a path back to success with 4 effective tips for optimizing your landing pages.

Build Credibility

The only way visitors will listen and act is if they trust you. With the Internet becoming more social, it is more important than ever to establish immediate credibility. Try to incorporate reviews, ratings, testimonials, and social media information (shares & likes) to make your landing page stand out from the rest. Choose reviews and testimonials that are specific to the desired action you wish the visitor to make.

Use Forms Wisely

Don’t bog down your page with a lengthy form asking a visitor too many questions. Instead, ask for the bare essentials. Studies have shown that forms with five fields or less tend to perform the best. People are much more susceptible to giving you information if you don’t come across as invasive. Whether it’s a lead form or a newsletter subscribe form, it’s always easier to get more information further down the road.

By integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems including Salesforce CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM directly into your landing page forms, your organization’s ability to respond to prospect leads captured online can be greatly improved.

Desire an Action

In order for a landing page to be effective, it must be immediately clear to visitors the action you want them to take. This might mean taking other elements such as the page navigation or other links away to focus in on one specific goal. Also, be sure to state the action you want a visitor to take and the value that will come from it in a short paragraph or list at the top of the page.

Provide Value

A landing page must have the right incentive in order for it to be effective. Visitors must feel like they are being rewarded for providing information. If not, they will never feel the need to come back. Offering giveaways, special pricing, or even a promotion can not only provide value, but entice visitors to return.

Effective landing pages don’t magically appear out of thin air. They need to be strategically & carefully created for the best results. Landing pages have proven to be successful in both paid & natural search. Because the message is so narrowly focused, keywords can be easily targeted, increasing relevance to the visitor. Looking to convert more visitors through your website? Wondering why your landing pages aren’t effective? We have all the tools to help you succeed online.