Starkmedia Welcomes Apex Tool Group

Starkmedia is pleased to announce our new partnership with the Power Tool Division of Apex Tool Group (ATG). Apex Tool Group is one of the largest manufacturers of professional hand and power tools in the world, serving the industrial, vehicle service and assembly, aerospace, electronics, construction and serious DIY markets. The Power Tool Division is headquartered in Lexington, South Carolina.

Apex Power Tools category includes well-known brands like Apex, Dotco, Cleco, and Recoules/Quackenbush. Specifically, Starkmedia will act as a strategic partner to help strengthen the online presence of the Power Tools category.

Starkmedia will be creating standards and structure that help highlight and enhance many individual brands while also heightening the Apex name. Components of the relationship include analytics benchmarking, improving lead generation, establishing standards in domain usage and structure, and producing design guidelines and templates, all with the goal of creating a new digital footprint for the Power Tools brands.

“Starkmedia continues to grow its national presence by partnering with clients to solve their real-life business issues,” said Starkmedia President Ken Stark. “We are delighted to work hand-in-glove with Apex and their leading industry brands. We are confident we will help them create a more powerful digital, brand, and sales strategy.”