Thank You Pages & Transactional Emails

One of the most under-used pages on a website is the “thank you” page. Thank you pages have the potential to reengage a visitor if used correctly. But how do you turn a simple appreciation into another action that may lead to additional sales or further visitor engagement?

Guide Site Visitors For Additional Conversions

There are many ways to generate more interest from your “thank you” page. Consider this: Once you’ve gotten a customer to sign up for your newsletter or make a purchase, don’t direct them to a simple  and overused page that only says “Thank you!” That sends a message to a customer that there is nothing else to do but leave your site. What you should do is capitalize on the momentum you’re building.

Once they register or make a purchase, the thank you page should lead them somewhere, like a survey page or an incentive like a percentage off additional items. This creates the opportunity for additional conversions. It turns newly registered people into customers or customers into repeat buyers.

Starkmedia Thank You Confirmation Page Design

Transaction Emails

The same methods that are used to motivate site visitors from your thank you page can be done with transaction emails (emails that go to a site visitor after a successful engagement). Transaction emails place content right into a customer’s inbox, which is another opportunity to drive traffic to your site, especially if the customer clicks away from the thank you page

There is a chance that people will forward information placed in a transaction email to others, so this is your opportunity to add content to those emails because through them, you can reach a larger audience. You can also monitor what emails are being opened or ignored so you’ll know what type of content to add or forgo in future emails.

Add more interest to your thank you page and confirmation emails and keep that site visitor connected to your products or services.