How Well does your Site Really Perform in SEO?

If you’re like a lot of companies, at some point in time you’ve made one significant effort to optimize your organic search performance, and haven’t done much since. While it’s good that an effort has been made, search optimization results are best achieved through constant monitoring and adjusting. Not only should SEO be consistently watched due to frequent search engine algorithm changes, but also because the manner in which users are interacting with your website is always changing. Here are a few steps to follow if you think your SEO might need improvement.

1. Check your analytics Moz Analytics Report

Utilizing tools such as Google Analytics and Moz are a great way to see how your site has been performing since your last SEO update. Not only do these provide insight as to how your sight is performing now in comparison to the past, but they also help you make specific alterations to fix/update any issues on your site. Checking your SEO performance on a monthly basis ensures that your site is reaching as many people as possible.

2. Re-conduct keyword research

Once you become aware of where your website currently stands in regards to SEO, checking up on your keyword research is a crucial part of updating your organic search program. While most of your branded keywords probably haven’t changed, there is a possibility that your consumer base and prospective customers are finding you in a different way then they once were. The best way to go about updating your keywords is by putting yourself in the mindset of the consumer, and understanding what phrasing they are most likely typing into search engines. The analytic tools previously mentioned are helpful in this keyword discovery process.

 3. Update the content of your website

After you’ve found the best keywords to accurately represent your company in the mind of the consumer, an SEO audit will need to be completed in order to see which pages need an update. Matching pages with corresponding keywords can be a tedious process, but in the end can significantly enhance SEO. This process includes putting these keywords in H1’s, meta titles, meta descriptions, and all throughout the content on the page. It is very important, however, to make sure you are setting up a website with the user in mind rather than an SEO crawler. While it is important to be utilizing SEO best practice, it is ultimately the user that needs to be engaged.

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