It’s Time to Sync your Website to your ERP System

The idea of investing time, money and energy integrating your website with your ERP system can be headache provoking. However, once completed, this incorporation improves web effectiveness, optimizes business operations, and increases profitability. Here are three reasons why you should look into connecting your website with your ERP system.

1. Eliminates Possible Data Entry Errors

Manually re-entering data from a company’s website to an ERP system can be an unreliable process. This job is tedious, draining, and generally leads to errors. When an ERP system is connected to your site, on the other hand, orders placed on a website are automatically entered into your ERP. Not only does this virtually eliminate the possibility of inaccuracy, but also improves the efficiency of your staff.

2. Enhances the User Experience

Another great benefit of syncing your site and ERP program is that it creates a bi-directional integration. In other words, information from the ERP system can now be easily available on your website if you choose, which allows customers access to more valuable account and ordering information. This can include:

  • Order History
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Multiple Shipping Addresses
  • Invoice History
  • Reordering Capabilities

 3. Reduce Unnecessary Labor Costs

Because data from your website will automatically be inputted to your ERP system, this process will no longer be associated with a job position. Therefore, employees that were previously spending a good amount of time duplicating data entry will now be able to dedicate their time to working on tasks that will improve your business and increase sales.

Integrating your site with your ERP system can be tough, but Starkmedia can make the process a little easier. We have connected sites with ERP systems such as SysproSAPMicrosoft Dynamics, and more.

Contact us today to learn about the best ways to sync your site with your ERP system.