Mobile Trends and Statistics

It comes as no surprise that smartphones are playing a prevalent role in the lives of Americans now more than ever before. The number of smartphone users continues to increase, and the ways in which people interact with their smartphones are constantly changing. Therefore, it is very important to stay up to date on the latest statistics and trends in order to best reach your target audience. This year, Pew Research Center released a report examining U.S smartphone use in 2015. The study was conducted among 2,188 smartphone owners, who were asked to complete two surveys per day for one week about their smartphone use. Additional demographic and analytical research was also conducted. Here are four statistics and our takeaways from the Pew Research Center’s smartphone report.

1. “Nearly two-thirds of Americans (64%) are now smartphone owners, and for many these devices are a key entry point to the online world”

With the majority of Americans of all ages being smartphone owners, now more than ever the importance of responsive web design should be stressed.  People are now reaching you in a multitude of ways, and providing the best user experience possible on all platforms will ensure that your site is viewed at an optimal level.

2. “More than half of smartphone owners have used their phone to get health information and do online banking”

Mobile trends and statistics

People often imagine smartphone use predominantly being dedicated to texting, making calls, and social media. However, companies of all categories can benefit from the influx of smartphone users. According to the Pew Research Center’s report, 62% of smartphone owners used their devices to get info about a health condition, 57% to do online banking, and 43% to look up real estate listings or info about a place to live. This proves that there are a lot of mobile opportunities for businesses of all industries.

3. “Some 88% of smartphone owners used email on their phone at least once over the course of the study period”

In today’s world, people rarely have the opportunity to leave work at the office. With a good majority of individuals hooking up their email to their smartphones, marketers now have constant access to the eyes of their contact list. To put 88% into perspective, the email feature is used more often than social networking, watching video, or using maps and navigation. This reveals the important role that an email marketing campaign can play to your business.

 4. “Fully 91% of smartphone owners ages 18-29 used social networking on their phone at least once over the course of the study period, compared with 55% of those 50 and older”

With people of all ages using social networks, it is important to maintain a social presence and connect with your audience in a mutually beneficial manner. Posting relevant, interesting content on multiple social platforms will both entice users to interact with you, and validate your business’ trustworthiness.

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