At a Glance: Foursixty

In recent years, social media and ecommerce have become linked in ways that have redefined how brands market to customers. The spreading trend of creating stores in Instagram, Pinterest, and other social sharing sites has made shopping easier for consumers and marketing more diverse for brands. Despite the simplicity social shopping brings to the buying process, it can still create problems and cause confusion for customers if it’s not set up correctly. Fortunately, there are a number of apps and platforms available to brands to help them streamline their social shopping process. Today, we’d like to take a closer look at one of these apps: Foursixty.

Why Choose Foursixty?

Foursixty is a social shopping platform that allows brands to create shoppable galleries that link to their social media accounts. Each image in your brand’s gallery can be tagged with a link that will take a customer directly to the product page. You can also give customers the option to add items to their shopping cart directly from the gallery. Foursixty also gives you extensive and flexible management options: you can embed social galleries in product pages, use your followers’ posts in your galleries, moderate contributed posts, customize your gallery, and connect it to your Google Analytics dashboard. Additionally, Foursixty is an affordable option for both large and small brands.

Starkmedia’s Foursixty Services:

We use Foursixty with ecommerce and social platform integration, as well as social analytics and reporting. We have built social shopping galleries using Foursixty for clients on platforms such as Magento and Shopify. We recently created a shoppable gallery for Wigwam Mills that links to their Instagram account; six percent of gallery visitors who go to a product page after viewing their posts end up buying from them.

If you’d like to strengthen your social marketing with shoppable galleries, contact us. We’d love to discuss Foursixty with you and help you build a gallery that beautifully represents your brand.

Wigwam's Foursixty gallery.