Starkmedia Case Study: Promega Web App

The demand for functional online features that support daily business activity continues to increase as our usage of the internet for professional purposes expands. Brands see this need and meet it with answers such as responsive websites, extensive content management systems, and lead management platforms. However, brands are becoming more diverse in their solutions. One particular online function that is slowly being brought into the mainstream business toolkit is the web app. Users can find this type of application on any browser by typing in a URL and then save it to that browser’s local storage. Although users download a web app online, they can still use it when their device is offline. Web apps are capable of fulfilling a variety of needs for brands, making their function as a business tool virtually limitless.


Promega Corporation asked Starkmedia to create a web app for their sales group towards the end of 2016. As a large manufacturer of molecular biology and biotech products, Promega needed a web app that its sales group could use offline to generate and store reports.


Our team designed and developed an application that met Promega’s requirements in less than three months. The app helps Promega’s sales group to create reports that deliver industry knowledge, profile roles and positions in encountered industries, and reference existing customer examples by leading them through a set of narrowing questions. The app displays responsively on all online platforms and devices, and uses local storage to save reports in the event that an internet connection is unavailable.

We’ve been designing and developing online and offline solutions for over twenty years as a digital agency. We also have experience in assisting brands with refining their sales and lead generation strategies as a means of creating conversions and connecting with their audiences. If you want to create a web app to help your own sales team or reach out to your prospects and customers, contact us today. We’d love to discuss web app development with you and help you find a solution that meets your needs exactly.

Promega Web App