Digital Marketing News
Week of 6.12.2023

This week in review: Intuit Mailchimp makes a big announcement, Google AdSense finally integrates with GA4, Meta showcases its “Inspiration Hub”, Sqaurespace enters agreement with Google Domains, and WooCommerce vulnerability finds a solution.

Here is what happened this week in the world of digital marketing.

1. Intuit Mailchimp Announces 150+ New and Enhanced Features

Intuit Mailchimp has unveiled over 150 new and updated features, aiming to aid marketers in saving time and accelerating e-commerce growth. 

These enhancements include custom reporting, advanced segmentation, SMS marketing, and customer journeys for Shopify merchants. 

The platform also offers improved support options and an enhanced Standard plan. Marketers can now measure performance and identify trends with new analytics dashboards. 

These updates are being rolled out gradually, with some features already available and others coming soon.

Read the full press release here

2. Google AdSense Integrates with Google Analytics 4 

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) now integrates directly with AdSense, allowing users to link their earnings data. 

By combining AdSense with website metrics, deeper insights can be gained to optimize ad revenue. 

The integration relies on shared IDs and automatically collected events for matching ad impressions with GA4 events. 

Following the provided instructions, users can establish the link and view their AdSense data in GA4 reports. This integration enhances data analysis and revenue optimization possibilities.

3. Meta Presents New Tools for Businesses and Creators to Utilize

Meta has unveiled updates to attract and support creative talent on its platform. 

The enhancements include a new “Inspiration Hub” providing insights on Reels trends, easier access to popular templates, streamlined editing options, prompts for optimizing presence, and a daily checklist for growth. 

Additionally, there are exposure opportunities, enhanced performance insights, and expanded monetization options. 

The move aligns with YouTube’s similar push to lower thresholds for content monetization, as platforms seek to entice creators away from competitors.

4. Squarespace Enters Into Definitive Purchase Agreement with Google

Squarespace has agreed to acquire the assets of Google Domains, including around 10 million domains and their customers. 

The transaction is set to close in Q3 2023. Squarespace will ensure a smooth transition and honor renewal prices for at least 12 months. 

They will become the exclusive domains provider for Google Workspace customers, offering billing and support services. 

The deal is subject to regulatory approvals and is expected to bring long-term benefits to Squarespace’s business.

Read the full press release here

5. 900,000+ WooCommerce Sites Affected by Vulnerability in Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin

Patchstack addresses a vulnerability in the WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugin, allowing unauthenticated users to access PII data of WooCommerce orders. 

“This vulnerability allows any unauthenticated user to view any WooCommnerce order’s PII data including email, user’s name, and full address,” Muhammad said.

Users should update to version 7.4.1 to mitigate the risk. Patchstack offers protection to its users and notifies about vulnerabilities. 

The plugin’s code sections are identified, explaining how they expose order data. Patching involves implementing ownership checks. 

If you are affected by this, please contact Starkmedia to assist.