A Guide to Waze Advertising

Looking to boost your business’s visibility and drive customers to your front door? Waze advertising might be the perfect solution. With its unique in-car audience and powerful targeting capabilities, Waze offers a range of advertising options to help you achieve your business objectives. Let’s explore how Waze advertising can benefit your brand.

Drive Customers to Business Locations

Turn your business locations into destinations with Waze advertising. By leveraging the Waze map, you can build awareness of your brand and attract customers to your front door. Promote new stores, highlight existing locations, and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Be in the Right Place at the Right Time

Connect with your customers during their in-car moments by incorporating Waze into your media mix. Maximize the impact of your advertising efforts by reaching Waze’s unique audience when they are most receptive. Ensure that your brand stays top of mind by being present in the right place at the right time.

Understand Waze Advertising Formats

Waze offers several advertising formats to suit your campaign goals:

  1. Arrows: Make a strong impression at first glance with strategically placed arrows that highlight your nearby location. Use arrows to beat out competition and draw attention to your business.
  2. Pins: Engage nearby and stopped drivers with digital store signs. Pins display your business information and allow users to tap for more details. Use pins to communicate offers, special deals, and drive navigations directly to your locations.
  3. Search: Prioritize your business in search results when users search for relevant brand and category terms. Create a branded drive-to-store experience and increase direct navigations to your business.
  4. Zero-Speed Takeover: Target specific audiences by serving ads when drivers come to a complete stop. Utilize this digital billboard-like format to entice consumers with coupons, promotions, and raise awareness of your brand.

Utilize Calls to Action (CTAs)

Drive user engagement and achieve your campaign objectives with effective calls to action (CTAs). Waze offers various CTAs, such as “Drive There,” “Save for Later,” “Save Offer,” and more. Choose the CTA that aligns with your desired outcome and encourage users to take action.

Benefit from Targeting Capabilities

Reach your desired audience with precision using Waze’s unique targeting capabilities. In addition to standard industry targeting options, Waze provides Oracle Affinity targeting, allowing you to tailor your ads based on user interests, behaviors, and preferences. Ensure your message reaches the right people at the right time.

Waze advertising presents an excellent opportunity to drive business success. Leverage the power of the Waze map, engage customers during their in-car moments, and promote your brand effectively. With its native formats, global platform, and geolocation precision, Waze advertising offers the potential to increase brand visibility, drive foot traffic, and achieve your marketing goals. Take advantage of Waze’s advertising platform and experience the benefits for your business.

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