DeltaHawk Engines EAA AirVenture 2023 Campaign

It has been an exciting year for DeltaHawk who recently received FAA certification for their flagship jet-fueled aircraft engine. As they wanted to create a splash at the annual EAA AirVenture event this year, which features the latest innovations and brands active in the aviation industry, Starkmedia was enlisted to create a paid search and marketing automation campaign that could capture attendee interest at the show and extend the excitement of the event while encouraging early reservations as their engine moves into production.

To generate interest in and around the event, our team of marketing experts:

  • Created a Google Ads campaign that targeted cost-effective, niche keywords to focus our audience and budget around the Oshkosh, Wisconsin area of the event. This was supported by Google Remarketing campaign to stay in front of the recent site visitors
  • Created campaign landing pages within Salesforce to capture form leads both in the event booth as well as in the immediate area surrounding the event
  • Captured both highly segmented prospects with Salesforce as well as direct conversions into the reservation payment process

Utilizing the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement platform (formerly Pardot), our team also created a strategy to segment attendees and target those audiences with unique messaging following the show, continuing to nurture those leads and encourage reservation.

We also completed major updates in design and development to their WordPress website including:

  • Web design and content improvements to support enhancements to the engine leading up to it certification as well as messaging around the event
  • Creation of a reservation form with payments through a custom integration with the Stripe payment gateway
  • Capture and messaging to those reservation prospects within Salesforce and marketing emails automated to them within Account Engagement (Pardot)

If your organization has an upcoming event and want to maximize your marketing efforts to generate leads and sales, contact us today to get started.