Should You Resend an Unopened Email? 

Resending email campaigns to non-openers requires a strategic approach to achieve the best outcomes without risking unsubscribes. Alongside fundamental strategies, incorporating these three essential best practices can significantly enhance your results:

1. Timing and Recipient Selection:

Timing is key when it comes to resending campaigns. Waiting at least two days but no more than a week before resending ensures your email remains relevant. However, avoid waiting too long, as trends and scenarios change. Additionally, be selective in your recipient list. Rather than resending to all non-openers, consider resending only to those who didn’t open and click in the first attempt. This approach targets those more likely to engage.

2. Crafting Compelling Elements:

When resending, modify both the subject line and preheader text. Reusing the old subject line risks recipients ignoring or marking your email as spam. A fresh subject line should precisely convey your resend campaign’s message. Pair this with an engaging preheader text, as it can strongly influence open rates. Highlight your offer within these elements, as they often influence recipients’ decision to open.

3. Resend Once with Care:

Limit resends to just one attempt. While altering campaign elements for future resends might seem beneficial, sending repetitive emails can annoy recipients. If non-openers don’t engage with the second attempt, it’s an indication they’re likely not interested in the offer.

By merging these best practices into your resending strategy, you can effectively boost engagement while respecting subscribers’ preferences and maximizing the value of your email campaigns.

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