The Perfect CMS

What do you look for in a content management system? Perhaps you’ve heard that the best CMSs help you produce content for your audience. Although it’s true that a good CMS will offer that capability, a great CMS will help your content authors and strategists build, structure, and publish winning content. Author-Focused Functionality Since your …

At a Glance: Drupal

Here at Starkmedia, we deploy a number of different content management systems for our clients. A CMS is selected to match our individual clients’ specific needs. Today, we’d like to provide a brief introduction to Drupal.

Sitecore: Did You Know?

Sitecore’s 7.0 release includes significant digital marketing and technological enhancements, and Starkmedia has recently had its architecture and development teams participate in Sitecore’s 7.0 certification. Starkmedia is a certified Sitecore 7.0 CMS and DMS developer and strategic solutions provider. The hub for the 7.0 enhancements revolves around Sitecore’s Experience Platform, and the platform’s digital marketing suite is