At a Glance: Drupal

Using a CMS (content management system) significantly affects the development of a website, no matter the size of that website. A good CMS will give your website stability and security without making its development a more difficult process. Here at Starkmedia, we deploy a number of different content management systems for our clients. A CMS is selected to match our individual clients’ specific needs. Today, we’d like to provide a brief introduction to Drupal.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a content management system that is designed to support a variety of content with different modules that can be used alone or in support of other programs. Drupal is a non-proprietary, open-source solution with a very large online community. Drupal’s many tools help you organize, structure, find, and recycle your content. Drupal handles countless types of site functions including video, text, and blogs with features such as user management, menu handling, optional revision control, and real-time statistics.

Starkmedia’s Drupal Experience

Starkmedia has used Drupal for multiple clients, including recent developments for Woodway and Cleco. Using this CMS, we have been able to provide the following services:

  • Systematic content management
  • User and workflow management
  • Social publishing
  • Application development

Are you interested in developing and managing a site? Drupal may be the best fit for your business. Contact us today and we’ll help you find a CMS based on your individual needs.