Sitecore: Did You Know?

sitecore-certified-solutions-partnerSitecore’s 7.0 release includes significant digital marketing and technological enhancements, and Starkmedia has recently had its architecture and development teams participate in Sitecore’s 7.0 certification. Starkmedia is a certified Sitecore 7.0 CMS and DMS developer and strategic solutions provider.

The hub for the 7.0 enhancements revolves around Sitecore’s Experience Platform, and the platform’s digital marketing suite is driven by what is now called Sitecore AIDA. The platform allows a website to learn and understand, recognize activity, and react to it. From a marketing perspective, the optimization technology in AIDA can simultaneously collect, evaluate, manage and analyze customer intelligence from behaviors and decisions gathered across multiple digital channels. It then identifies actionable insights and analytics that can help marketers make more effective decisions.

The 7.0 Experience Platform is also expected to create many other site efficiencies, especially for complex sites and customers managing larger amounts of data, with more-targeted data usage. Other enhancements also help facilitate better decision-making for both infrastructure and user experience. 

“Sitecore’s latest developments are exciting, and the digital marketing potential is very strong,” said Starkmedia Lead Architect Wade Elmblad. “As importantly, staying at pace with all the latest developments helps us continue to guide and support our customers at the highest level,” he said.  Certification and education has long been a part of Starkmedia’s ongoing mission to provide leading-edge services and expertise for clients.