Video Content Enhances Your Online Presence

Video has been a staple of marketing for years, and its usability is only going to increase. Smart Insights predicts that by the year 2020, 80% of online consumer traffic will be driven by video. In addition to being an ingrained part of our online experiences and activity, the video offers incredible potential to brands that want to build their online presence. Let’s take a look at some ways you can use video to promote your brand and connect with your audience.

Enhance your brand’s website.

Adding video to your website boosts your brand’s voice. Whether you make video a part of your site’s homepage, the focus of a landing page, or something else, making video a part of your website allows you to connect with site visitors and demonstrate your brand’s worth and expertise. While written content has its place, video content represents your brand in a dynamic way. You can literally tell your site visitors about who you are and how you can help them, or show how you’re connected to their community.

Improve your social media engagement.

Video and social media are so closely entwined that it’s unusual for a brand to never use video to engage their social media following. Besides being an eye-catching post that might stand out in your audience’s feed, video offers a great platform for your audience to engage with. You can offer substantial data through a video that’s only a few seconds long, which is more than enough to start a dialogue with your audience. Even something as simple as a GIF can be enough to spark a connection with your audience. The responses you get to your video content provide invaluable customer data. And your audience might share your videos within their network, expanding your brand’s reach.

Increase your customers’ interest.

When potential customers are seriously interested in buying your products, they want to see what it looks like and what it can do first-hand. Your product video can be anything from a professional demonstration to a detailed product explanation or a customer review. Including product videos on your site can not only increase your customers’ interest in your products but also encourage them to make a purchase they otherwise might be unsure about.

Establish your authority.

You don’t have to produce video content that focuses exclusively on your brand. How-to videos that are relevant to your industry can help you establish your brand’s authority as a knowledge source. Whether you’re talking about machinery, clothing, or food, people will be interested in hearing the contributions you have to give to your field.

If you have questions about how to integrate video content with your online presence, give us a call. Besides answering your questions, the Starkmedia team can provide the video solution your brand needs.