Updating Your WordPress Site

Keeping your WordPress website current with the latest core and plugin version updates is a critical step to ensure long-term performance. Ignoring the updates can lead to malfunctions, plugin compatibility issues, or even a total site breakdown. Fixing these problems can be troublesome and time consuming, so it’s better to take preventive action.

Like any other software, an update to your WordPress website can enhance the user’s experience by implementing new features as well as addressing bugs and security issues. Not keeping the site current can result in a slower performance which can discourage visitors and reduce return traffic over the life of the site.

In addition, there are other perks of updating WordPress:

  • Improved security. Previous versions of WordPress are susceptible to security breaches.  By upgrading the platform regularly,, you will be able to implement security updates to prevent hackers from stealing confidential data.
  • Speed. Installing a new version of WordPress can speed up the site. The users will experience a site that is more responsive across different devices and browsers, encouraging them to stay longer. 
  • Compatibility. Keeping up-to-date with the latest releases of WordPress can keep your site compatible with plugins and themes. With the update, your site will have no problems installing other features to extend functionality.
  • Functionality. WordPress updates come with implementations of new or improved quality-of-life features. There’ll be more options and tools for scaling up your site as new versions are released. 

As with all full-version platform upgrades, we highly recommend that you do not choose the automatic upgrade button from the administration as development changes may be required to ensure your site’s theme and any installed plugins are compatible.

Contact Starkmedia today for an assessment and estimate to ensure the transition goes smoothly and you experience the most from updating your website!