Selling on Amazon

Last week, we introduced Fulfillment by Amazon and discussed some of its beneficial features and how it integrates with Magento. This week, we’d like to go over Selling on Amazon, an Amazon feature that allows you to sell products to consumers through Amazon’s online marketplaces and do your own fulfillment. This service, which is also compatible with Magento, offers a wide range of benefits to sellers who choose to use it.

Benefits of Selling on Amazon

  • Access a larger consumer audience: Selling on Amazon gives you access to thousands more consumers than you might be able to reach on your own, much like Fulfillment by Amazon. You can choose two different types of accounts that give you different access levels. The Individual selling account allows you to list products in more than twenty categories and only charges $0.99 per product sold. The Professional selling account lets you list products in an additional ten categories and charges a flat monthly subscription rate of $39.99. You can choose which Amazon marketplaces to sell in, which means that you can offer your products to a global audience.
  • Speed up the selling process: When you sell your products through Amazon, you do so with the benefit of Amazon’s selling structure, which is designed to be quick and easy for customers to move through. When consumers search for a product on Amazon, they do so using a specific set of keywords, which can lead them to your products faster than a regular search might.
  • Manage your products in one place: Seller Central is Amazon’s online service platform that allows you to manage your account and products. You can use it to manage product pricing and shipping (if you integrate with Fulfillment by Amazon), receive regular payments, and even advertise on Amazon’s website. Seller Central is also compatible with Magento, which gives you even more control over how you sell your products on Amazon.

Integrating Magento with Selling on Amazon

Using Magento with Selling on Amazon allows you to manage fulfillment within Magento. When you integrate Magento with this Amazon service, you can use it to sync your products with Amazon. However, you can also use Magento’s re-pricing feature to automate your products’ prices and stay ahead of competing sellers.

Selling on Amazon can do a lot for your ecommerce strategy, especially when you integrate it with Magento. Are you interested in selling your products on Amazon, or would you like to integrate your existing account with Magento? Contact us. We’d love to discuss this Amazon service with you and help you put it to its best use.