Sitecore: Did You Know?

Sitecore’s 7.0 release includes significant digital marketing and technological enhancements, and Starkmedia has recently had its architecture and development teams participate in Sitecore’s 7.0 certification. Starkmedia is a certified Sitecore 7.0 CMS and DMS developer and strategic solutions provider. The hub for the 7.0 enhancements revolves around Sitecore’s Experience Platform, and the platform’s digital marketing suite is

4 Things to Do to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Having a good website is crucial to the success of any business’s digital marketing efforts. But a successful digital footprint doesn’t stop there. Our clients are looking for ways to interact and engage with their audience more than ever before. Finding ways to improve consumer touch points has never been more important, so we’ve outlined four key practices that will help you stay relevant.

The Value of Big Data

Big data has become the buzzword within the digital marketing community – and rightfully so. The way we approach the abundance of data an organization has at their fingertips about their customers is the fundamental challenge that marketers face today. Marketers need to understand what questions can be asked and answered with big data or …

Is your website loading slowly? How does this impact your Google search ranking?

We all know that slow sites are annoying for users. But having a slow site affects more that just the user experience — it also affects your search ranking. Google has been using page load times as a factor in search ranking algorithms since 2010, citing the simple fact that “faster sites create happy users.” …

Audience Engagement and Omni-Channel Marketing

If you’re a marketer with an ear to the ground, chances are you have heard rumblings about the buzzword of the year: omni-channel. In today’s marketplace, there is no denying the importance of having a brand presence across multiple channels (multi-channel). After all, consumers are accessing information in more ways than ever before, and keeping …