Google Announces Updates to Google My Business

Google recently announced new updates to Google My Business (GMB) that are designed to help your business show off its identity. These updates and features give you the ability to personalize your Google Business Profile and draw in more customers by offering deals directly in GMB. 

The new, exciting features include: 

  • Short names: You can claim a short name and URL for your business so that you can easily refer your customers to your Profile. Google is also currently working on an update that will allow customers to search for a business by typing the short name into Google Maps. 
  • Cover photos: Add a cover photo to your listing and set the tone for your business.
  • Photo displays: Any photos uploaded by a business will appear prominently on a new dynamic module on the Profile. Google will also eventually add a photo captions feature that will let you tell the stories behind your business’s pictures. 
  • Logos: If you upload your core information (phone number, hours, etc) to your Profile, your business logo will be displayed at the top right-hand side of your profile.
  • Create offline materials: Google is launching a website that will allow you to easily download and create custom assets to help promote your company. 
  • Attract customers with welcome offers: You can reward your customers for following your Business Profile by giving them welcome offers that can convert them into repeat customers. 

In addition, Google will be rolling out an update that recognizes businesses that offer great experiences to their customers by designating them as a “Local Favorite.” These select businesses will receive digital and physical badges of honor so that customers can identify them easily.  

If you’re interested in learning more about the new Google My Business updates, contact us today and we can help you leverage your GMB.