Why Online Campaigns Are Useful

Online campaigns utilize everything digital to garner interest in a specific brand, product or event. While there are many ways to run an online campaign, there are certain factors that can drive you toward the lane of true success. Starkmedia has experience with online campaigns and knows that through the online world, you can effectively launch a campaign.

Social Media and Influencers

Marketing continues to evolve into new forms and in today’s day and age, social media and influencers are the most effective and used forms of marketing, especially for online campaigns.

Social media and word of mouth go hand in hand because they allow users to voice their opinions, and hopefully their approval, of your product. Whether it is through Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or user comments on a company website, allowing customers to voice their opinion makes them feel heard. In return, allowing users and customers to be vocal, has the potential for engagement from them during future campaigns, which helps businesses.

Online Campaign: KOSS

Starkmedia has recently launched an online campaign for client, Koss Corporation.

The headphone manufacturers featured headphone, the Porta Pro, currently has one design and based on a voting system, Koss will design a limited edition Porta Pro headphone available for the general public to purchase.

The Koss limited edition vote also gives you the option to invite friends to vote on which design they are partial to. The idea of passing it on allows for a larger voting pool, which raises the potential of a successful campaign. It also allows a host of potential customers to the website and overall interest in Koss as a business.

Are you interested in learning more about beginning a successful online campaign? Contact Starkmedia today for more information about online campaigns and don’t forget to vote for the limited edition Koss Porta Pro Headphone.

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