At a Glance: Dealfront’s Leadfeeder

Dealfront’s Leadfeeder is a B2B intent data platform that shows site owners the companies visiting their websites with valuable insights on their browsing activity.

Every day potential clients visit your website, and for one reason or another, they don’t always make it onto your lead list. Leadfeeder helps identify who’s already visiting your website, turning them into quality leads. Starkmedia can help ensure these potential leads aren’t lost by adding Leedfeeder to your site! Even if a company’s staff works remotely, Leadfeeder reveals important data about the company and its behavior on your site.

Using Leadfeeder, Starkmedia can help you develop accurate portraits of prospective clients that include:

  • industry
  • location
  • business name and size

Leadfeeder reveals which companies are viewing your site, which helps transform anonymous traffic into viable leads. It even shows what parts of your website companies spend the most time on and how they found your site. Leadfeeder also allows you to understand how your top clients consume your content, helping you communicate better with the companies you’re seeking relationships with.

Starkmedia can also help you integrate Leedfeeder with many of the sales and marketing tools you already use like Mailchimp, Zoho, Slack, Hubspot, and Pipedrive. Also, Leadfeeder leads connect to Salesforce. This allows you to create new leads in your Salesforce account with ease without leaving Leadfeeder’s UI.

Whether your site is built on Drupal, WordPress, Kentico, or any other CMS, Starkmedia can add Leadfeeder for you. Contact us today to set up a meeting and learn more about what Leadfeeder can do to help you discover the high-intent, highly-qualified leads you’re looking for.