Digital Marketing News
Week of 7.17.2023

This week in review: Drupal 7 has support updates, WordPress enters 6.3, WooCommerce expands a partnership, Google explains Discover traffic, and Pinterest introduces deep links.

Here is what happened this week in the world of digital marketing.

1. Drupal 7 Support Changes

Starting from August 1, 2023, the Drupal 7 branches of unsupported modules and themes will no longer be eligible for new maintainership. 

Although community support will continue, once marked unsupported, they won’t regain supported status again. 

This can occur if the existing maintainer or the Security Team marks them as unsupported due to a lack of response. 

To avoid issues, users and clients relying on Drupal 7 modules or themes are strongly encouraged to proactively adopt and maintain these projects.

Additionally, it’s crucial to be aware that the Drupal Security Team won’t issue security advisories for unsupported third-party libraries like CKEditor 4.

2. WordPress 6.3 RC1 Is Available for Download and Testing 

WordPress 6.3 RC1 is now available for download and testing, marking a key milestone in the release cycle

However, it is vital to avoid installing or running this version on production websites. Instead, users should assess RC1 on test servers and sites. 

The release includes numerous updates and enhancements, and community testing can further improve its performance. 

The final release is scheduled for August 8, 2023, which is about three weeks away. 

Additionally, developers of plugins and themes are urged to test their products with WordPress 6.3 betas and update the “Tested up to” version in their plugin’s readme file to 6.3.

3. WooCommerce and TikTok Expand Their Partnership 

The TikTok for WooCommerce extension, launched last year, has attracted numerous Woo merchants running ads on the fast-growing social platform. 

Recently, it expanded support for Smart Performance Campaigns. Now, WooCommerce merchants have the exciting opportunity to be among the first to join TikTok Shop in the US, with over 150 million active TikTok users. 

This seamless shopping experience, with in-feed videos, livestreams, and a featured product showcase tab, enables smooth transitions from discovery to purchase within the TikTok app. 

Notably, #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has gained 61 billion views globally, and 61% of TikTok users engage in ecommerce behaviors, highlighting the platform’s potential as a shopping channel.

Read more at WooCommerce.

4. Google Explains How To Get Discover Traffic Back 

In the July 2023 Office Hours session, Google’s Martin Splitt shares insights on Google Discover and sustaining its traffic.

Discover offers users a feed of articles based on their interests, although the specific signals remain undisclosed. 

To recapture Discover traffic, Martin recommends focusing on topics, not just keywords, and crafting well-structured articles to effectively communicate the topic. 

The selection process aligns with user demands, necessitating timely, well-told, and unique content. 

However, Discover’s traffic consistency remains uncertain, emphasizing the need for a strategic and topic-centered approach to increase the likelihood of securing traffic from this feature.

Watch the Office Hours:  

5. Pinterest Introduces Mobile Deep Links for Shopping Ads

Pinterest introduces mobile deep links for shopping ads, providing brands with another way to drive traffic. 

With this feature, users are directed to a specific page in the retailer’s mobile app, streamlining the shopping experience. 

When clicking on a shopping ad, the product listing opens directly in the app for users who have it installed. For those without the app, the mobile web page opens within Pinterest. 

This seamless user journey eliminates extra steps and increases conversions for advertisers and retailers. 

By capitalizing on the attention of Pinners with a shopping mindset, brands can facilitate conversion and boost customer traffic on their own apps.