At a Glance: Stibo STEP

When you have multiple departments within a company working together on the same projects, it’s easy for information to become scattered. However, with the use of a PIM (product information management) system, large projects become easier to manage and information becomes simpler to gather and organize. We understand the importance of keeping information in check, which is why we offer different PIM options to our clients. Today, we’d like to discuss one of those options: Stibo STEP.

What is Stibo STEP?

STEP is a PIM developed by Stibo Systems as an enterprise solution that helps users manage data and information in a uniform manner.  This enterprise solution centralizes product information and feeds consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information to multiple distribution channels, including enterprise content management systems for display on websites. It makes collaboration within a single company and between multiple business entities easier.

Starkmedia’s Stibo STEP Experience

Starkmedia has integrated Stibo STEP with complex enterprise platform configurations, including Magento Commerce Platform and Drupal CMS, to deliver product data to consumer-facing websites. Starkmedia has found Stibo STEP to be both strong and flexible: its functions are extremely versatile, making it a powerful product information management tool.

Do you have product information that needs managing and organizing? Stibo STEP may be the PIM you’re looking for. Contact us today: we can help you choose a PIM that will fit your specific needs.