Use Analytics To Increase Holiday Sales

As the holidays quickly approach, consumers are preparing by completing their gift-shopping early. For many, this means that they save time by shopping online. For you, this means that you should be utilizing available analytics to understand how best to reach your customers. Perhaps you already use analytics to calculate conversions and predict future trends-but during the holidays, you should make analytics the driving force behind your selling strategy.
Cultivate Your Customers’ Interest
Giving online shoppers exactly what they’re looking for will increase your conversion rates-but you will have a hard time doing this if you don’t know how to appeal to your customers’ interest levels. Google Analytics can help you measure customer and conversion data with shortcuts and custom reports. It can also help you predict what online shoppers will want most from you. This can save you considerable time and effort, which will be better spent preparing other aspects of your marketing and sales strategies.
Compare Your Performance to Your Competitors’
Analytics doesn’t just help you market to your customers better-it also helps you learn about your competitors. By knowing how your competitors are doing, you can modify your own sales strategy.
If you’re struggling to produce a solid holiday marketing strategy with analytics data, contact us at Starkmedia. We’re here to help you implement analytics so you can create successful holiday conversions.