At a Glance: Salesforce

Nurturing customer relationships is a never-ending balancing act. On top of creating promotions and offers for your customers, you must also handle the task of collecting, interpreting, and communicating customer data effectively. Since your brand depends on the loyalty of your customers, you naturally do your best to keep up with all things customer-related. However, you still experience the consequences of off-focus campaigns, inaccurate or lost customer information, miscommunications between departments, and overdue responses to your customers. When faced with any of these problems, there are probably several thoughts that run through your mind: you need to set aside more time for customer engagement, create better campaigns, or even hire people who are more skilled at customer relationship management. While these are all good countermeasures to take, there is a simpler solution to improving your customer relationships: getting a CRM platform. Although there are many platforms to choose from, today we’re going to discuss Salesforce with you.

Why Choose Salesforce:

Salesforce has a lot to offer as a CRM platform. First, it features several cloud-based systems that allow you to store and share information. The platform also features apps that can retrieve and structure customer data, saving its users time that can then be put toward actual customer engagement. Each of Salesforce’s cloud technologies provides unique functions that offer solutions for specific circumstances. For instance, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud gathers information for a brand, while the Salesforce Community Cloud connects brands to their customers and opens the gateways for communication. Despite its wide offering of capabilities, Salesforce is a very affordable CRM platform because of its cloud networks and multi-tenant server structure.

Starkmedia’s Salesforce Services:

We integrate Salesforce with multiple CMS platforms to fully optimize site contact forms and gated content. We also perform custom development within Salesforce, and offer consulting services for companies who would like to fully utilize this platform.

If you’re looking for a customer relationship management platform or would like to further utilize Salesforce, contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions and help you make the most of Salesforce.