Why You Need Marketing Automation

Have you ever noticed that brands that rely on consistent marketing to promote their products and reach their customers often don’t have time to actually do these things themselves? This is one of those problems that seemingly shouldn’t exist. After all, if marketing is important to a brand’s success, it should be treated like a priority. In a perfect world, consistent marketing would be simple enough for you to manage without any outside help – but you don’t live in a world where you can perfectly balance every action that drives your brand’s success. Fortunately, you do have a solution available to you that can fix the problem of inconsistent marketing: marketing automation.

Marketing automation, simply put, is the process of implementing platforms that help you organize and schedule marketing promotions, track results, create conversions, and keep track of leads. You can use these platforms to manage parts of your website, your emails, and even your social media posts. Marketing automation might seem like just another program to monitor, but it is a powerful tool that can make your marketing even better – and easier. With this in mind, let’s look at some specific ways marketing automation can help you:

You save a lot of time

 When you automate your marketing, you save yourself countless hours of releasing campaigns and posting content manually. You can even save yourself the time that you would spend searching through data and metrics by implementing a platform that can collect and interpret that information for you.

You reach your leads and customers regularly

 Brands that release marketing campaigns and content in spurts and then go silent for months on end rarely see a lot of engagement from their target audience. By automating your marketing, you keep their attention with regular emails, social media posts, ad content, and promotions. You can also nurture leads with campaign landing pages and drip emails that prompt them to take action.

Your marketing becomes more effective

Your marketing is at its best when you treat it as an ongoing process instead of an isolated event. Having a system in place that maintains your marketing helps you do just that. Better still, a marketing automation platform gives you the potential to learn from your results and expands your efforts.

Are you looking for a more effective way to manage your marketing? We can help. The Starkmedia team can implement marketing automation platforms, integrate CRM and lead management systems, and do even more to automate your marketing.

Contact us today if you’d like to find out more about our marketing automation services or some of the platforms we can set up for you, such as Marketo or Pardot.