At a Glance: Pardot

When you engage in B2B marketing promotions or campaigns, what are you trying to accomplish? Ideally, you’d convert your leads to clients quickly and efficiently – yet this often isn’t how lead engagement goes. As a B2B marketer, you have to deal with problems that are unfortunately far too common. You either let too much time pass between emails and phone calls to your leads, lose important information, or just struggle to steadily generate leads. All of these problems stem from a lack of effort: you don’t have enough time or manpower to reach out to your leads. If this is the current state of your B2B marketing, then you’ve probably already started looking for a marketing automation platform. There are a number of great platforms you can choose from, but today we’d like to discuss Pardot by Salesforce with you.

Why Choose Pardot:

Pardot is a B2B marketing automation and lead generation platform, which is now owned by Salesforce. Although it works best when integrated with the Salesforce CRM, you can also integrate it with other CRMs (such as Microsoft Dynamics) to access data with Pardot.

Pardot’s functionalities ultimately serve to keep you in contact with your leads by giving you more resources to keep track of them. It enables you to capture lead information, grade leads based on their importance to your business, score leads according to their level of interest, create email drip campaigns and optimized landing pages, and embed progressive and dynamic lead forms.

Starkmedia’s Pardot Experience:
As a Certified Pardot Consultant, we have the expertise to drive the setup and integration process. We also possess the knowledge to guide the strategy that will ensure you’re using this tool to its fullest potential as you increase leads and convert them to prospects and sales. We have integrated Pardot forms with client websites to assist them in gated content strategies.

If you’re in search of a versatile B2B marketing automation platform, Pardot might be a good choice for you. Contact us at Starkmedia if you’d like to learn more about this platform or find out how we can integrate it with your CRM.