At A Glance: Google Analytics

Google Analytics will help you understand your customers’ journey and interactions with your website. Regardless of your site goals are to increase profits or expand your reach, Google Analytics can help. The benefits of utilizing Google Analytics can be represented in these 5 main categories based on your industry’s ability to make calculated, informed decisions.

  • eCommerce – increase sales based on customer traffic reports
  • Lead Generation – collect tremendous amounts of user information for strategies
  • Content Publishing – Increase engagement from page visits and content clicks
  • Online Information – better assist users in finding exactly the information they are looking for when they need it
  • Branding – ultimately increase brand awareness and loyalty by understanding customer relationships

The main features of Google Analytics include Data Collection, Configuration, Data Processing, and Reporting. The process works harmoniously with each feature to help you understand which strategies are working and which are not.

Starkmedia uses Google Analytics to obtain data to help make crucial website decisions on which direction we should move towards next. With the data to back it up, we are able to engage in consistent, calculated action by utilizing informed data. As a high-end digital agency, we primarily use Google Analytics to:

  • Analyze sources of online traffic – Organic, direct, referral links, paid campaigns
  • Collect information about our visitors – Determine if localized marketing campaigns or keywords would help in providing desired results
  • Specify and compare web-page popularity – Customize future content to accommodate the most favored information
  • Evaluate website bounce rates – Improve landing page content
  • Review data history – Increase effectiveness of online presence

The ability to track and record customer interactions so intricately and completely has given businesses like ours a remarkable understanding of their marketing strategies and propelled them to success. Using Google Analytics provides insights into tracking statistics that may not have been monitored so acutely before. As a result, companies are able to use this data to aid in improving business performance.

At Starkmedia, we are fully equipped and experienced with Google Analytics. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help analyze, interpret, and improve your online presence, contact us today!