Woodway, USA Launches New Site

This month, Starkmedia client Woodway, USA launched a brand new site, complete with a new Drupal content management system, new designs, and a new content organization structure.

Woodway, USAWoodway is the world’s largest specialized treadmill manufacturer, with facilities in the United States, Germany and Japan. Woodway came to Starkmedia looking for a site that positioned their products as leaders in the performance, medical, and commercial markets – rather than the treadmill market alone.

Woodway’s old site was not compatible with mobile devices. Since a good portion of their site traffic was coming from mobile, the new site needed to be built using responsive design for complete compatibility across all mobile devices.

In addition to creating new site designs, Starkmedia created a new user interface that allows customers to easily choose a product based on their specific needs – performance, medical or commercial. The new Drupal content management system effectively and intuitively delivers product and support information, while establishing a stronger branding connection between Woodway and its customers.

The site also works as active support for Dealers and Service Reps by providing useful contact information for site visitors as well as a portal for instant access to sales tools and support documentation such as product sell sheets, product specs, CAD files, images and logos.

The new site is user-friendly, visually stunning, and effectively communicates the impact of Woodway’s products as well as the company’s commitment to world-class customer service.

Visit the new site at www.woodway.com.