Why You Should Consider Adding a Blog to Your Website

Blogging is an underlooked form of marketing that is both inexpensive and extremely effective if utilized properly. Having a blog on your company’s website, and posting to it regularly, can bring your website more visibility online. Here are four reasons why you should consider adding a blog to your website:

1.  Blogging Can Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

First and foremost, a blog is very valuable when it comes to improving your business’ search engine rankings. When you blog, it’s vital to use important keywords and phrases that are relevant to the content you are writing about. This will help search engines recognize your content and start ranking your pages higher. By continually blogging, you are optimizing your website for search.

2. Blogs Establish Industry Credibility

Your blog should focus on content that is relevant to the business you conduct. When you continually write about the aspects that pertain to your business, then you appear as an authority on these subjects and establish your credibility in these areas. Blogs can capture the attention of future customers or clients who are searching for information. By sharing your company’s expertise in a blog, you can gain your customer’s respect and trust.

3. Blogs Can Be Shared on Social Media

Have you been having a hard time keeping your business’ social media channels active? Blog posts are a great way to have consistent content to share on your social media channels and keep your customers engaged. Posting your blog on social media also gives your customers the opportunity to share your blog and expand its reach.  

4. Drive Traffic to Your Website with a Blog

Every blog you post is another page indexed on your website which is important for search engine rankings and another way customers can find your website through organic search. Blog posts not only bring users to your website but they can also be used to draw customers into other web pages within your company’s website once they visit your site. Adding hyperlinks within the blog’s content can drive readers to other content or products that might be relevant to them. You can also add hyperlinks to your social media channels to increase your reach even further.

These are just four out of many reasons why you should consider adding a blog to your company’s website. Blogging is a valuable form of marketing that is easily accessible by many businesses and has great potential in increasing your brand’s visibility.

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