Client Spotlight: TRC Global Launches TRC SMARTApp

Starkmedia is pleased to share news about a recent web-based application created for one of our clients, TRC Global.

TRC Global is an industry-leading employee relocation company in Milwaukee, WI, delivering customized talent mobility programs throughout the U.S. and in more than 150 countries worldwide. Through their creative and pragmatic thinking, they are able to help clients achieve strategic business objectives by getting the right talent in the right place at the right time. Recently, TRC Global approached Starkmedia about creating a powerful app that would act as a tool for both their clients and transferees throughout the relocation process.
TRC Global
Requirements for this app included:
1.) Providing relevant information for transferees about their new location, including climate and weather data, real estate info, places of interest (post offices, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.).
2.) Integrating with their existing SMART Technology tool, that allowed TRC clients to communicate directly with transferees throughout the relocation process.

Because the information supplied by the app needed to be accessible on multiple devices, the Starkmedia team determined the app should use responsive, web-based design. This solution would be updated automatically with up-to-the-minute information, without requiring any manual downloads or user updates. Starkmedia’s design team then created a clean and elegant user interface that was optimized for use on all mobile devices and screen sizes, while the development team programmed the app to work with 3rd party applications such as Zillow, WeatherBase, and Yelp. The final step was conducting a full integration with TRC’s existing SMART Technology tool.

The end result is a powerful application that both enables transferees to get all of the relevant information about their new location from one place, and allows TRC clients to monitor costs and communicate with transferees throughout the relocation process.

“As a company that values mobility, TRC needed an app that was as nimble as it was functional,” says Bruce Krajcir, Account Executive. “From the very early design phases all the way through to production, we are glad Starkmedia could provide the ideal solution.”