Segmentation Matters: 4 Ways You Can Segment Your Email List Right Now

In this age of omni-channel marketing, customers are coming to expect a more personalized experience across all marketing channels and email marketing remains a heavy-hitter in driving conversions. Data from Marketing Cloud suggests that email is as effective of a marketing tactic as ever with 73% of marketers agreeing that email marketing is core to their business.

email marketing segmentationYet, despite its ROI and despite everything we know about today’s digital consumers, 48% of marketers are not using email segmentation.  That means that one of the most effective tools for driving conversions is woefully underutilized. Personalized email campaigns can be a much more effective way to drive action from users. By narrowing your focus and sending messages to targeted groups, your recipients are more likely to engage with your campaigns because they are more relevant to their needs, interests, and behaviors.

Here’s why email marketing segmentation is worth your time:

  • Higher open rates
  • Higher click-through rates
  • More conversions (higher ROI)
  • Fewer unsubscribes
  • Better email data and analytics

So, how can you get started? Here are 4 ways to segment your list today:

1. Geography. This is not only valuable for brick-and-mortar businesses that can target their in-store offers to people who are geographically able to take advantage of them, it is also useful for identifying your brand’s reach.

2. Past Purchases. If a segment of your list has purchased from you in the past, you can use that information to send them emails that are catered to their interests.

3. Purchase Cycle. Paying attention to how frequently and what time of year customers come to you, will help target them right at their point of need.

4. Shopping Cart Abandonment. As we’ve covered before, more than 68% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Sending targeted emails to cart abandoners can help complete the conversion.

No matter how you segment your list, email segmentation enables you to respond to subscriber behaviors and deliver the most relevant message to those subscribers.

Do you need help retrieving the data required to segment your email lists? Starkmedia has extensive experience with most email platforms on the market today, including Silverpop, ExactTarget, MailChimp, and ConstantContact, and we are happy to help you get the most out of your email marketing.