Improve Results with A/B Testing

Everyone from ecommerce stores to financial institutions to non-profit organizations can benefit from testing the user experience. Layout, design, and copy combination can effectively convince users to take an action (completing a purchase, joining an email list, etc). And yet, a recent study found that 71% of marketers are not testing their user experience.

A/B testingSome rely on best practices to make layout/design/copy decisions. After all, they are called “best” practices for a reason, right? Not exactly. Just as no two users are exactly alike, there is no cover-all approach that is guaranteed to work for every audience.
In order to create rich and effective experiences for your site visitors, it is essential to use A/B testing to find out what works and what can be improved.
Here are 5 things you can A/B test fairly easily that can yield significant results : 

Images. Using images on landing pages and in emails is considered a best practice, but adding images that don’t communicate any part of the offer can distract the visitor from converting. Try testing versions with and without images. You may be surprised by what you find.

Copy. We know that landing page and ad copy effect your Quality Score and search engine ranking, but it’s also important for your user experience. Even minor tweaks to phrasing and punctuation can have a significant impact on your conversion rate.

Calls-to-Action. The effectiveness of your calls-to-action depend on both phrasing and placement. Remember to test those two things separately to find out which is responsible for the change in conversions.

Navigation bars. According to Hubspot, 84% of landing pages still include navigation bars, but in some cases they can distract visitors from the reason they visited the page.

Promotions. The way a promotion is presented can have a significant impact on conversion rates. For example, an offer for a certain dollar amount might perform better than and offer for a percentage off, even if they have the exact same cash value. Read more about getting the most out of your promo codes here.

By testing for your unique audience, you can create an optimized user experience and improve your conversion rate. Hubspot has found that A/B testing can generate up to 30-40% more leads for B2B sites and 20-25% more leads for ecommerce sites. For more insight and guidance on A/B testing your site, contact Starkmedia.