Should Remarketing Be Part of Your Online Strategy?

Unsuccessful conversion opportunities continue to plague many companies, partly because they don’t know how to combat them. After all, it’s easy to argue that there’s no way to regain a website visitor once they’ve lost interest. However, you can still reach visitors who failed to complete an action on your website. How? Through remarketing.

What Is Remarketing?

Google AdWords defines remarketing as a way to “show ads to people who’ve visited your site or used your mobile app… remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices.” Basically, remarketing allows you to use highly specific ads to target people who visited your site in search of a product or service. It allows you to stay connected with your site visitors by creating additional touch points.

Why Remarketing Works

Besides allowing you to re-engage with your website’s visitors, remarketing can be a great addition to your marketing strategy for other reasons:

  • Be specific: You can show your site’s visitors exactly what they’re looking for with remarketing ads. Dynamic remarketing allows you to showcase products or content your site’s visitors recently viewed in your ads. Audience segmentation allows for further fine-tuning.
  • Utilize other channels: You can run remarketing campaigns through Google AdWords, Facebook, and other social channels. Since many of your site’s visitors will probably use at least one of these channels throughout their day, displaying your remarketing ads there can help to rekindle their interest in your website.
  • See results: When you use remarketing to engage users who have visited your site, you increase the chances of making conversions. Since the people who will see your remarketing ads have already visited your website and possibly put items into their shopping carts, they’re already interested in your brand on some level. Therefore, convincing them to finish a transaction is much easier.

Remarketing is a practical solution to the problem of unsuccessful conversion opportunities. Not only can it benefit your ecommerce strategy, but it’s also financially workable and easy to set up. If you’re struggling to bring in revenue with your current marketing strategy, consider giving remarketing a try.