Majic Plastics Site Launch

In the world of business, evolution is inevitable, and sometimes it comes with a touch of magic. Starkmedia proudly presents of Majic Plastics—a transformation story that goes beyond just a name change.

It all began with Material Recovery, a company with a vision. They acquired Majic Plastics and decided to integrate their brand, leading to meticulous planning, including the seamless migration of traffic—a challenge we embraced with an SEO strategy in hand. The result? The birth of Majic Plastics as a brand with a bright future.

Key Achievements:

  • Rebranding: We facilitated a comprehensive rebranding process that included the creation of a new corporate identity, complete with a distinctive logo and the establishment of a precise web style guide to establish a consistent brand image.
  • Website Transformation: Our team executed a thorough transformation of the website to mirror the new brand, services, and target audience. The result is a clean and contemporary design that aligns with Majic Plastics’ updated identity.
  • WordPress Expertise: Leveraging the latest version of WordPress, we developed a custom theme and implemented specialized field functionality to seamlessly support the new design and user experience.
  • Traffic Transition Strategy: We meticulously planned and executed the transition of web traffic from the previous domain,, to the new domain, This involved careful consideration of SEO strategies and attention to detail to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted online presence.
  • SEO and Analytics Implementation: To bolster Majic Plastics’ online visibility and performance, we implemented cutting-edge SEO techniques and advanced analytics tracking. These measures are designed to provide essential insights and ensure that the new website is well-positioned for success.

Step into the world of Majic Plastics, where transformation is just the beginning. If you’re considering a rebrand or a website overhaul, let Starkmedia be your guide.

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